Meknes day trip

Meknes Day Trip From Marrakech

With its roots as one of Morocco’s imperial citiesMeknes has plenty of history and architectural treasures to attract travelers. It was once the shining capital during the dynasties of Berber and Arabic families, but though it has faded into the background a bit, Meknes continues to attract international visitors. Located close to Fez, one of Morocco’s more populous cities, it is also a very popular jump off point for those who want to see other sites in the region.

Meknes itself is made for explorations with sites like the Dal El Makhazen palace, the Tomb of Moulay Ismail (the sultan who once ruled Meknes as a capital city) and plenty of souks that provide colorful shopping experiences for locals and visitors alike. However, destinations beyond the immediate walls of the city also have much to offer, and those who want to explore Morocco’s wine country or get a glimpse of the age old techniques used to produce premium olive oil will be in for a treat.

Travelers can find numerous vineyards and olive groves scattered all around Meknes. It is possible to make one of these tours into an impressive day trip if you want to roam. You can spend the day tasting wines and olive oil, which are made from ancient pressing techniques used for thousands of years.

One of the more popular day trips out of Meknes takes you out to the ruins of the Roman settlement known as Volubilis. The town, dating back to the 4th century, was an important administrative locale. While the ruins have been exposed to elements for centuries now, they remain in decent condition. If you happen to appreciate design or city planning, you might find Volubilis to your liking.

Another great day trip that could be added to Volubilis is a tour of Moulay Idriss, a nearby city—really more of a town of white-washed homes—located in a valley in the Rif Mountains. It is named after Moulay Idriss, a leader responsible for introducing Islam to Morocco. In fact, until 1916, non-Muslims were not allowed within the city. Yet it has grown into a popular spot for many global travelers.

If you prefer simply to wander on your own away from the city atmosphere, it is very possible to amble in the countryside with its rolling hills.